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THE HUNTER - Short Film

The Hunter wakes up every day without any fear of the force of nature, he doesn't need camouflage, he lives in times of wild technology, to survive he
has to move fast, like the speed of light, for that reason he dreams of being
a real star.

Genre: Ethno-science fiction
Length: 25 min
Language: None

Description of my project:
“The Hunter” is a fiction experimental short film, it is a surrealistic /fantasy film. Everything in the film happens in some sort of dystopian universe. “The Hunter” is a kind of modern and civilized elegant person (a business man so to say) that lives in a strange wild dimension where he tries to survive.
The film is somewhat of a parody, it consists of a symbolic representation of time, specific situations and performances relating to the activities and rituals of life. The film attempts to explore a new system and the meaning and value of symbols, objects and actions.
This film is a fable, a personal metaphor of life “Born, learn, master and conquer” where its presented and represented the forces of nature and the forces of culture and where these two are blended. It is difficult to differentiate what is natural, artificial, organic, synthetic, analogue, digital, spiritual, virtual, reality, imagination; where there might be no need to distinguish between these differences and it is easier finding meaning to existences without differentiating.
“The Hunter” is a combination of performances, portrayed objects and staged dramatics scenes. It is a symbolic work without verbal dialogues or audible words, but chooses symbolism as its spoken language.

Contact me if you want to see the film.

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