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PENANCE - Short Film

A painter has been mysteriously murdered in the village, the church priest in protest of this violent act has decided to organize the burial accompanied by a great procession to the cemetery in honor of this artist, every person who knew the deceased and who owns one of his paintings is asked to bring it to the funeral procession to honor the artist’s work. Pedro Mogollón, a naive and humble farmer; Together with his wife he must attend this event. The crowd of people with paintings in the procession are countless,  Pedro begins to believe that his painting can become worth a fortune and his imagination takes the better of him, he fantasizes about everything he could do with that money. Surprisingly this small-town event will become one of the most incredible tributes ever made to an artist in the village, but it turns out to be a terrible trap for Pedro one where he must pay a penance.
FULL FILM: You can watch the film here online, click play on the video.


Length: 15 min

Language: Spanish with englighs subtitles


Penance is an independent short film made in 2017. The original idea is from a script I wrote as a feature film, as would be a very ambitious complex project, I decided to create a smaller side story for a short film and this is “Penance”.
This movie was an original idea written by me and made with my own resources and with the help of my family, friends and the local municipality. Making independent movies without a budget or strategic partner is not easy and it turned out to be an ambitious and challenging project. The film is shot in the region, Santander Colombia, where I am from. The crew consisted of friends that work in video productions and the cast consists of local people, artists and villagers that wanted to participate in the project. The complete process of making this film from writing to presenting the final version was a little less than a year.

I’m  still working on how to make the full production of the original feature film.

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