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"An illusionary material world"


Layers, surfaces, reflections, Illusions and effects. 


This is a video-sound installation working with simple video mapping techniques. I projected a series of videos (found footage) and video collages that I made with found footage.

I worked with one projector and several types of materials where I could project and reflect on it, like thin fabrics and mirrors. A specific kind of material with which I try to mimic real physical elements like rocks, fire, smock, water, etc. With that I tried to create a real time video collage where images blend with each other in the randomness of the duration of the videos and their reflections.

With this  installation I aim to create an active space where audiences could discover new compositions  and narratives depending on their position and time in the space. The videos are playing randomly and there always will be a unique moment of compositions in the room.

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